• Does free shipping apply to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii?

    Unfortunately, due to the additional expense of shipping to these places we are only able to offer free shipping to orders shipped within the contiguous 48 states.

  • Does PJ Tool ship internationally. If so how do I place an order?

    We do ship internationally. To place an international order please call in your order for a shipping quote at 888-841-0088 or email sales@pjtool.com. We accept payments via Paypal for international orders.

  • Can I have a custom stamp made?

    We do make custom stamps. If you're interested in having a custom stamp made please email sales@pjtool.com to receive a quote. Please note custom stamps are of very high quality and cost considerably more than ordinary stamps. Custom stamp costs vary based on the size, intricacy of the design, and material being stamped.

  • Can the metal stamps be used on stainless steel?

    Only stamps labeled as premium quality are rated for use on stainless steel. The heads on the economy and standard quality stamps will flatten out if used on stainless steel or other hard metal.

  • I'm new to metal stamping. What metal should I start stamping on?

    We recommend beginning with softer metals. The softest metals we carry have the Soft Strike label and they include aluminum, Pewter, and Alkeme.