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Step-by-Step Metal Stamping Instructions

Metal Stamping Tools


  • Metal Letter or Design Stamps
  • Hammer (for best results use 1 or 2lb. Brass Hammer)
  • Steel Bench Block
  • Metal Blanks for Stamping
  • Permanent Marker
  • Polishing Cloth (or a paper towel or clean rag)
  • ImpressArt Stamp Straight Tape

Step 1

Place your blank metal disc or charm on a steel bench block. Apply a strip of Stamp Straight Tapeā„¢ across your blank. The top ridge of the tape is going to serve as a guide to help you stamp evenly and in a straight line. Mark with a pen on the Stamp Straight Tape where each letter will be Stamped. This will make sure your stamped impressions are evenly spaced.

Tape Stamping Blank to Steel Block

Step 2

Place your stamp on the disc and lightly drag the stamp towards the tape until you feel the bottom of the stamp catch the top edge of the Stamp Straight Tape. Note: Be careful not to scratch the stamping blank while dragging the stamp.

Catch Tape with Metal Stamp

Step 3

Hold your metal stamp so that the head of the stamp is flush with the metal disc. Now, with medium pressure strike the top of the stamp. If you've hit the stamp too lightly you can strike it again as long as the stamp has not been moved. Note: Larger and more detailed metal stamps require a harder strike than smaller and less detailed stamps.

Strike Stamp with Hammer

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all of your stamped impressions are made. Remove Stamp Straight Tape guide when you've finished stamping.

Step 5

To make your impressions standout, color in the stamped impressions with a permanent marker. Quickly wipe off any excess ink from the disc with a polishing cloth or clean rag. The ink from the marker will sit in the bottom of the impression making it stand out from the polished jewelry.

Color Stamped Impression      Finished Stamped Jewelry Disc

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Metal Stamping Tools
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